Memento Mori
Memento Mori
Memento Mori
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Memento Mori

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Memento Mori - "Remember your mortality"

Stemming from the medieval Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality, it has been a ubiquitous part of human culture for centuries. The fascination, fear and appreciation of death has consistently captivated our imagination. 

Many historians believed that playing cards represented a deeper, esoteric meaning and that each suit was one of the four seasons. Each card within a suit was therefore one of the thirteen phases of the moon and the fifty-two cards in a deck would represent the fifty-two weeks of the year. Together, this would represent just one year of your life. A constant reminder of our fleeting time on earth.

Memento Mori playing cards are produced by Murphy's Magic in collaboration with Chris Ramsay and printed by The United States Playing Card Company. The tuck case and back design feature a low-poly minimalist aesthetic which in literal terms is the bare "bones" of 3D creation and graphic art.

A stunning deck that will make your flourishes instantly more impactful and adds a sense of mystery to any magic performance. 

Chris Ramsay is at the forefront of the modern magic community. He specializes in deceptive practices, using techniques he's refined through thousands of hours of practice.

His flare for creativity has thrown him in to the world of deception, where some of his techniques are distributed to practitioners across the globe. Chris is constantly creating new ways to entertain and redefine your idea of magic. 

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