Knights V2

Colour: White

Your move.

The knight is unusual amongst chess pieces. It moves to a square that is two squares away horizontally and one square vertically. The Knight is not bound by its surroundings; it can leap over opponents making it the most devastating and unpredictable piece on the chess board.

Chris Ramsay and Daniel Madison have teamed up to bring you one of the most luxurious and elegant decks to ever come out of ellusionist.

For magicians, gamblers and chess players alike, the cards features a number of hidden surprises including a means to divine both the suit and value of any card from just a glance at the back design, making this deck as devastating as the chess piece itself!

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Design: Bordered, Two-way, MarkedPrinted By: CartamundiStock: Luxury-pressed E7Size: PokerMaterial: Paper

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