Jurassic Park


Quiet! We're approaching the Tyrannosaurus Rex paddock!

Two species separated by sixty-five million years have just been introduced to one another, with nothing but electrified fences keeping them apart! The Jurassic Park deck can only be contained for so long...

Working closely with Universal Studios, the Jurassic Park deck by Ellusionist roars with nostalgia and feels like it's been plucked from a gift shop at the park itself!

Every detail considered and no expense spared, the deck adopts a distressed aesthetic with the tuck box textured like the skin of a dinosaur and shredded by sharp Raptor claws! Even the cards look like they've survived years of tropical storms!

From dinosaur DNA Jokers to Triceratops remains, these cards are crawling with details that every Jurassic Park fan will know and enjoy.

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Design: Bordered, Two-way, UnmarkedPrinted By: CartamundiSize: PokerMaterial: Paper

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