Art of Play

Eastern Forest


Shuffle the deck and deal a miniature ecosystem.

Turn on your senses and explore the forest with Eastern Forest playing cards by Art of Play, where every suit is a sense.

Hearts are invitations to touch and feel through your skin - textures of planets, heat of animal bodies and the springiness of wood. Diamonds awaken your eyes to flashes of fireflies, patterns of leaves and the gleam of wildflower. Clubs encourage you to open your ears to the forest's many howls, songs and tree rustles and Spades calls to taste and smell, where yummy fruits meet bitter leaves.

What links the lives of the creatures in your hand? What connections do you have to these sylvan beings? Feel, look, listen and smell... Seek out the forest.

Text by David G. Haskell with illustrations by Ellen Litwiller.

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Design: Bordered, Traditional, Two-way, UnmarkedPrinted By: United States Playing Card CompanySize: PokerMaterial: Paper

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